Bright Global Supplies’ products and services include selling and distributing various aircraft maintenance equipment and tooling, ground support equipment, catering equipment, aviation and industrial lift systems, airport and ramp equipment. Hence, please contact us at for availability, questions or quotation requests regarding any of your requirements.

In addition to supplying other manufacturers’ product lines, Bright Global Supplies is the Authorized Exclusive Distributor and Sales Representative in Africa for DAE Industries, Malabar International and TESCO Equipment LLC and their respective product lines:

Malabar Products

Tripod Jacks
» 5-200 ton Capacity
» Rapid Deployment Universal Jack Set
» Shoring Jacks

Axle Jacks
» Hand Carry Jacks
» Flyaway Jacks
» Mobile Axle Jacks

Jack Accessories
» Axle Jack Transporter
» “EZ Load” Service Trailer
» Tire Slave Kit
» Jack Alignment Kit

A350 Service Equipment
» Model 1016 A350 SCS Fill/Drain Cart
» Model PF56201 A350 Hand Pump, Top Up
» P/N 1016309 Adapter Set – Ground Service Panel (GSP)
» P/N 1016310 Adapter Set – Consumer Units (CU)

B787 Service Equipment
» Coolant Service Carts
» Coolant Top-off Packs
» K-Tool Adapter Kits

Mobile Fluid Systems
» Coolant Service Carts (CSC)
» Production Support Carts

Wheel / Brake & Service Trailers
» Wheel/Brake Changer
» Towable Wheel/Brake Changer
» “EZ Load” Service Trailer

Oxygen, Nitrogen & Strut Service Carts
» 2 Bottle N2 / 2 Bottle O2 Service Cart
» 3 Bottle N2 / 3 Bottle O2 Service Cart
» 4 Bottle N2 / 4 Bottle O2 Service Cart
» 3 Bottle N2 & Hydraulic Strut Service Cart
» AOG Trailer – 2 Bottle N2 Service Cart

Fluid Dispensers
» OC Guns (1 qt. & 1 liter)
» 2 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 15 Gallon and 55 Gallon Fluid Dispensers
» A350 Fluid Dispenser (Model PF56201)
» B787 CTOP Fluid Dispenser (Model PF56180)

Jack Test Equipment

Aircraft Recovery Jacks

For further details on Malabar product lines, please refer the link Malabar Details

TESCO Products

Wide Body Catering
Narrow Body Catering
Maintenance Lifts
Scissor Lifts
Ambulatory Trucks
Bridge Service Lift
Wide Body Passenger Stair
Narrow Body Passenger Stair
Articulating Boom Trucks

For further details on TESCO product lines, please refer the link TESCO Details

 DAE Products

Engine Stands
Docking Systems
Access Stands

For further details on DAE Industries product lines, please refer the link DAE Details

Clyde Products

» Cargo-Pallet Trailers
» 20’ Pallet Trailers
» Tow bars
» Maintenance Stands
» Passenger Stair
» Pallet Racks
» Baggage Carts
» Container Trailers
» Slave Pallets